Javascript Array Methods

In Javascript, an array is an ordered collection of values. An array can hold any type of data, including numbers, strings, and objects, and it can be of any length.

Arrays are a fundamental data type in JavaScript and are often used to store and manipulate large collections of data. They provide a number of built-in methods for working with the data they contain, such as adding or removing elements, searching for specific values, or iterating over the elements of the array.

Here is the reference of all the array methods and their properties available in javascript.

Javascript Array find()
Returns the first array element that satisfies a condition.

Javascript Array forEach()
Calls a function for every element of an array.

Javascript Array length()
Returns the number of elements of an array.

Javascript Array map()
Returns a new array with each element as the result of a callback function.

Javascript Array slice()
Returns specified portion of an array into a new array.

Javascript Array splice()
Changes original array elements and returns the removed elements.