HTML Editor | Learn To Execute HTML Code

In this tutorial, we will learn how to execute an HTML program using an HTML editor, with the help of examples and screenshots.

So if you are a beginner and starting to learn HTML then we will suggest you use text editors like Notepad and TextEdit available on your PC or Mac.

However, there are multiple HTML code editors available in the market which are used by professional developers to create and modify web pages. But as a beginner, they are not good for you. 

The reason why I m saying this is that those professional editors provide lots of advanced features like smart code completion with the help of smart IntelliSense, which is good for the efficiency and speed that professionals need in their work.

But as a beginner, if you will use those smart code editors then you will not learn much because your code editor will write half of your code using smart IntelliSense. I hope you understand my point.

Steps to Execute HTML using HTML Editor

So now let’s learn how to execute HTML code using Notepad and TextEdit text editors.

Step 1: Using Notepad (Windows)

1. Goto Start on your Windows Computer.

2. Search “notepad” in the search bar.

3. Click “Notepad” to open.

Step 1: Using TextEdit (Mac)

1. Go to Finder > Applications > TextEdit.

2. Double-click on “TextEdit” to open.

3. Click on the Format option and click Make Plain Text.

Step 2: Write some HTML or copy and paste the below-given HTML code.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>My First Web Page</title>
    <p>Learn HTML, CSS and Javascript.</p>

Step 3: Save the file.

1. Goto File > Save as in your notepad and TextEdit menu.

2. Save the file as index.html and select the encoding type UTF-8.

Step 4: Open and view your file in the browser.

1. Right-click on your index.html file and then click Open with.

2. Select your favorite browser.

Here is the Final Result :

Congratulations, you have successfully created your first HTML webpage using Notepad or TextEdit as your HTML Editor. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, If you still have any queries left in your mind please do ask in the comment section below.

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